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My Showhouse

RTÉ LIFESTYLE: Neville Knott presents the new interior design makeover programme which showcases interior designers giving real homeowners the chance to makeover their home. After five successful years on RTÉ One, ...

tanya visser
Ask Tanya

Ask Tanya – Can I save my lawn?

Question: Hi Tanya, I have sprayed Kombat Wipe-out none selective foliar control of annual and perennial grasses and broadleaved weeds onto my lawn to get rid of winter grass my whole lawn ...

Chuck's Day Off

Sweet Potato Soup with Matchstick Fries and Frizzled Leeks

Easy, Moderate, Complex Yield: 6 – 8 servings Ingredients 3 large sweet potatoes, cut in chunks 3 leeks, rough chopped A pinch of sea salt & fresh ground black pepper A nub of butter 6 cups chicken ...


Stuffed Mushroom Caps with Two Fillings

Big brown mushrooms are the perfect vessels for different fillings and these are two of my favourites that are quick to make and super tasty. Gas BraaiKettle Braai / Direct Wood ...


Gardening Tips – Episode 1

With the temperatures starting to cool down, your summer bedding plants are starting to look a little tired. That’s a sure sign that you need to pull them out, and ...



Ingredients: 250g mango puree (purred tinned mango, fresh mango or frozen mango) 250ml Greek yoghurt 125g frozen raspberries Scoop of ...

Cook Yourself Thin

Beef stew with root vegetable mash

Serves 4 Preparation time 20 minutes Cooking time 2 hours 30 minutes Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil 400g beef shin, chopped into 4cm chunks 2 medium onions, peeled and chopped 2 carrots, peeled and chopped 2 ...

Catherine's Roman Holiday

Pork with Orange Marsala Sauce

Ingredients 600 g fillet of pork (trimmed) 3 garlic cloves (finely chopped) 3 tblsp marsala 1 red chilli (finely chopped) 2 onions (sliced) 2 oranges, zest and juice salt & pepper, to taste olive oil, extra virgin Method Preheat the ...